Bicycle Unit

Bike PatrolThe Stillwater Police Department Bicycle Program was established when department members noted the public relations opportunities which were reminiscent of days of foot patrol officers. As apposed to walking, officers could interact with the public on a more personal level, yet still be able to cover a larger patrol area and with greater speed. In addition to ease of mobility, bicycles were found to be invaluable in crowded pedestrian areas such as parades, celebrations and other special events.

In contrast, bicycles also allowed for covert and quiet movement during the nighttime hours and have been utilized for a variety of special circumstances including patrol of high crime areas. Utilizing bicycles in this manner, increased officer’s visibility and awareness therefore giving him/her an advantage in trying to locate and apprehend criminal offenders.

The Bicycle Unit is comprised of ten, trained, volunteer officers. Depending on staffing requirements and weather conditions, the bicycle officers may be used at any time day or night. The Stillwater Police Department employs Trek bicycles and provides each officer with bicycle uniforms.