AR-15 Assualt Rifle The Stillwater Police Department is one of the best equipped departments in the country. We support our personnel by providing the latest in equipment and technology. In addition to the state of the art facilities, department members are outfitted with all equipment and uniforms at no cost to the employee.

Police Officers are individually equipped with a Glock Model 31, .357 semi-automatic handgun, an AR-15 collapsible stock .223 caliber rifle, a Remington 870 shotgun, and a TASER. All officers are issued both summer and winter uniforms, all necessary duty gear (handcuffs, flashlights, radios, OC Spray, batons, etc.), bulletproof vests, gas masks, and riot helmets. Officers assigned to plainclothes duties are given a generous clothing allowance. Each officer is issued a take-home ruggedized laptop computer or Apple iPad.

The Stillwater Police Department operates a fleet of both Ford Police Interceptors and Chevy Tahoe patrol vehicles, each equipped with high speed internet, RADAR systems, trauma kits, Stop-Sticks, and crime scene evidence collection equipment. The Stillwater Police Departmentís fleet also has two Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as numerous other specialty vehicles for our Lake Patrol, K-9 Unit, Criminal Investigations Unit, and SWAT Team.

Detention Officers, Code Enforcement Officers, and Parking Officers are also provided with all necessary uniforms and equipment. Our Communications Officers are issued polo-style shirts and casual dress is optional while working in the Communications Center. Records Specialists dress in casual business attire.