Field Training and Evaluation Program

In an effort to supply the citizens of Stillwater with the most qualified law enforcement officers, the Stillwater Police Department utilizes an extensive training regiment which is concluded by the Field Training and Evaluation Program. The FTE program falls under the Patrol Division and is the final stage of an officers training process. The Stillwater Police Department selects officers to serve as Field Trainers. These officers receive specialized classes in the training and evaluation of police recruits.

Once a recruit completes the Oklahoma Basic Police Academy, and the Departmentís Recruit Training Program, he/she proceeds to the Field Training and Evaluation Program and is assigned a Field Training Officer. For the remainder of the program, the recruit reports for regular patrol duty with his/her trainer and works alongside the trainer on a daily basis. The FTE Program is a 15 week process where the recruit utilizes training he/she has already received and gains new experiences. The recruit is evaluated on a daily basis based on the implementation of their knowledge and the skills they have learned.