School Resource Officer

The (School Resource Officer) SRO program commenced in 1999 as a joint effort between the Stillwater Police Department and Stillwater Public Schools to staff full-time police officers in Stillwater schools. The SRO is under the direct supervision of the police department. There are currently three officers assigned as SROs. These officers are assigned to one of the three secondary schools: Stillwater Middle School, Stillwater Junior High or Stillwater High School. The SROs also cover the six elementary schools and Lincoln Alternative Academy.

The SRO Program places uniformed police officers in schools in an effort to create and maintain a safe learning environment. The SRO's first duty is that of a sworn police officer, investigating crimes and activities associated with criminal behavior. However, they are not "campus police," but rather "police on campus" who promote a positive image through interaction with students, parents, teachers and administrators. We recognize that our youth are our future. We take a proactive approach with the schools to identify youth at risk, try to intervene with appropriate action plans, build healthy and trusting relationships, and encourage a forward looking approach to deal with the pressures today's young people face.