The Facility

The Stillwater Police Department is housed in a state of the art facility which was completed in 2001.  The building is a four story structure including underground parking, office space, fitness center, central communications center, detention center, and full classroom training facilities.  The facility is secured by electronic “card key” access and a multi-camera video surveillance system.  

Underground parking is utilized for administrative staff parking and housing of patrol cars.  Each individual assigned to a specialized unit, such as criminal investigations, training/property, and command officers have personal desks and/or private offices.  Officers assigned to patrol duties and Communications Specialists have shared computer work stations to complete required paperwork or assignments. 

The Galie Mae Koch Memorial Fitness Center is housed on the second floor of the facility.  Miss Koch, a Stillwater resident, passed away in 2001 and made a donation exceeding $140,000 dollars to the Stillwater Police Department. Although a majority of the funds were placed in a trust, the goal of the gift was to “benefit the agency”.  It was agreed by department members, a fitness center would provide the greatest overall benefit for all employees.  The $60,000 dollar fitness center contains free weights and advanced Cybex equipment. 

The communication center is housed securely underground.  The communications center contains five (5) terminals for use in organizing and controlling all fire, police, and emergency services for the City of Stillwater, as well as many of the surrounding communities.  Communications Specialists have their own locker room facilities and break room.

The detention center is located on the first floor of the police department. The detention center contains fourteen (14) cells for men and six (6) cells for women, along with three (3) holding cells.  Access to all areas of the detention center is controlled by a continuously monitored command console located in a secure pod.

Training and conference facilities are located on the second floor of the building.  With two conference rooms, the department hosts a variety of training classes for both department members and outside law enforcement agencies.  The third floor of the police department also contains an open area, with padded flooring, for physical training such as defensive tactics and ground fighting.