Detention Officer

The City of Stillwater operates a 24 hour detention facility staffed with two detention officers per shift.  Detention Officers are responsible for maintaining security of the jail, supervising inmates, booking and processing of inmate property, transfer of inmates into the custody of other law enforcement agencies.  Stillwater City Jail

In order to become a detention officer for the City of Stillwater an application must be submitted through the City of Stillwater Human Resources Department. To see what positions we are currently hiring for, please visit the City of Stillwater Main Page at No previous training or law enforcement experience is required. 

Upon completing the initial application the applicant will be notified of a date for written examination.  Upon successful completion of the written exam, select applicants will be scheduled for an interview board date.  Upon successful completion of the interview the top applicants will be selected and a background investigation will be conducted. 

Once the background investigation is completed the applicant will submit to a polygraph examination and drug screen.  The applicant will then be scheduled to take the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory to determine their suitability for the position.

The final stage of the selection process will include an interview with the Chief of Police.