Recruiting/Training Unit

The Stillwater Police Department Recruiting and Training Unit is responsible for recruiting and training of new department employees.  The training unit works in conjunction with numerous agencies and educational institutions to recruit new members to the agency and fill a variety of positions.  The training unit also conducts mandatory in-service training updates such as bi-annual firearms qualifications and mental health training which are required by the State of Oklahoma.  

The training unit also coordinates the extensive Recruit Training Program for all new police officer recruits.  This program is a 9 week training program divided into three sections.  Each police recruit must complete this program in addition to the State of Oklahoma Basic Police Academy in Ada, Oklahoma.  Officers assigned to the training unit are state certified law enforcement instructors with a diverse background in a variety of specialty fields including; firearms, defensive tactics, investigations, and search and seizure.   If you have questions regarding a career with the Stillwater Police Department, please contact the Training Unit at (405) 372-4171.